This blog is aimed to be a virtual small library for a purpose of collecting the essays, academic papers and documents, soft-copy books that are related to the Islamic studies, Islamic revivalism, Islamization, political sciences, economics, objectives of Islamic Law, philosophy, youths, human development, and all kinds of inspiration.

It is believed that in the era of globalization the virtual space is portraying to the significance of an idea and innovation across the boundary.  Today, the ideas are viewed as the main resource of wealth creation, which will lead to the phenomenon in which we know as knowledge economy. The blog is thus set forth to be a part of knowledge society in the long run. Thus, to this end the blog is intended to serve as a catalyst of human progress in term of ideas building and sharing.

It would be grateful if the blog could contribute more or less to inspire young people to be aware of making our world a better place to live together.

With inspiration we move forward.

The lights.



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